Freeride World Tour Final 2005

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Les membres du ski-club Verbier qui ont oeuvré à la réussite des championnats suisses en 2003: Thomas Grech, Vincent Michellod, Philippe Roux, Jacques Bruchez, Marguerite Andeer, Carole Ansermoz, Paul Corthay et Philippe Bernard.
Falkiner’s advice, “Keep on doing it, always look for something new, the run you haven’t done is the most exciting one”. Known as Team Clambin, John Falkiner, and Mark Shapiro along with Ace Kvale, ushered in the era of Big Mountain Skiing as we know it today back in the 1970’s. As Shapiro says, “Falkiner […]
Lengthy document setting out André Guinnard’s thoughts on the evolution and development of tourism in Verbier and Bagnes

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