Home of Creativity – Interview with Mark Shapiro

Decade: 2020
Type: Video
Activity: Snow Sports
Copyright: Verbier Tourisme

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History of the Hotel Mirabeau 1974 Construction of the hotel and management by Chris Stuckelberger. Of Norwegian origin, Chris came to Verbier on the advice of her mother-in-law, who already lived in Verbier and worked there as a secretary. 1985 Purchase of the hotel after 10 years of management. 1985 Shooting of the film Sällskapsresan […]
Kris Stuckleberger, the much-loved chatelaine of the Hotel Mirabeau, tells us her story from when arrived in Verbier in the early 1960s
Marko’s photos of Ski Service’s 50th anniversary party at King’s Bar.

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