About Us

Our vision is to ‘Preserve Verbier’s past, present and future and create a living history for everyone’. Our digital archive & community website, built by the community for the community, is a place to document history through cross generational community story telling.

By sharing your content, you are participating in a unique project: bringing the story of Verbier and the Val de Bagnes to life through our collective history.

This community project also enables the global Verbier community to post, share and connect with friends and everyone is invited to engage by uploading their stories and memories – photo, video, audio, and print.

The platform also enables members to organize themselves into public or private groups with separate activity feeds and member listing. Groups can be formed for interests such as wellness, photography, sport or for general info or buddy groups for skiing, bridge, art etc.

As part of its mission to store the region’s history, the project includes an ambitious interview programme – young people interviewing pioneers in the development of Verbier and Val de Bagnes.  This initiative will help preserve authentic stories across generations.

Notre | Our Verbier also supports the creative community with an online store, providing an additional platform for the creatives to sell their work. 

www.notreverbier.ch and www.ourverbier.ch were launched in November 2020. The platform is open to everyone: individuals, associations, businesses, institutions, media. 

The Team

Founders & Curators: Mike Constant & Jane McLaughlin

Web Editor: Bas Staines
Technical Advisors: Kerry-Jane Lowery & Mark Shapiro

Design: Obox

Publisher: Our Verbier Limited