Author: Mike Constant

Nicky, a well known skier, first came to verbier in the mid 60s with his parents. His father, Renée, was a famous entertainer who compered tea dances at the Farinet and the Farm Club. Nicky eventually became a telemarker and wrote the first rulebook for assessing telemark instructors. He has […]
History of the Hotel Mirabeau 1974 Construction of the hotel and management by Chris Stuckelberger. Of Norwegian origin, Chris came to Verbier on the advice of her mother-in-law, who already lived in Verbier and worked there as a secretary. 1985 Purchase of the hotel after 10 years of management. 1985 […]
Kris Stuckleberger, the much-loved chatelaine of the Hotel Mirabeau, tells us her story from when arrived in Verbier in the early 1960s
Lynne’s photos of a Televerbier freeby for chalet company reps to Italy. Some of the people include Christian Saarbach, Annie Mcclure, Jonathan Lang, Mike Roberts, Della Brown
Marko’s photos of Ski Service’s 50th anniversary party at King’s Bar.
HP Gubler kindly provided these photos of the early days of Ski Service from 1972-78. 2022 is their 50th anniversary!
Not strictly Verbier as this was shot in Zermatt by Ace Kvale with John Falkiner as the ski stuntman. The story appeared in the February issue of Powder magazine but the iconic photo of John dropping from the heli has been seen countless times.
Bruce Paterson’s Verbier photos from the 80s and 90s uploaded to our Facebook Group. If you want to know the identities of everyone, look in the Fb group.
Andrew’s photos from his season in 1982 with his future wife jacqui and friends, Tony Mclaughlin and Joris Moschard
Although this Anecdote was published in 2022 it concerns the building of this chalet in 1937. This article was first published in ‘les Echos de Dranse’
Lengthy document setting out André Guinnard’s thoughts on the evolution and development of tourism in Verbier and Bagnes
A speech delivered by André Guinnard to a conference on the future of tourism and his vision for its development in the Alps and in Verbier
Interview with Gert (“Gerre”) Petterson, a well known member of the Swedish community in Verbier. Gerre first came to Verbier in 1974. Over about 40 minutes he tells his story, how he worked at any job to begin with then joined Sportresor and never looked back. He now lives in […]
L’Association Bagn’Art réitère l’expérience de la Pop-Up Boutique qui a fonctionné à merveille l’an dernier. Marie Hiroz Azzalini et Anna Marzi, tous comme les autres artisans du collectif, vous accueillent dans cette boutique éphémère ouverte jusqu’au 24 décembre à la rue de Verbier 13 au Châble.La Pop-Up Boutique est le […]
Nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter quelques extraits d’un film muet intitulé “Postes alpestres en Valais” de l’Administration des postes suisses en 1939. C’est l’œuvre de la société : BURLET-FILM S.à.r.l. à Zürich. Le premier extrait est sur Verbier et ses environs. You can find the video on the […]

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