Contributor: Mark Shapiro

Photos from a Marko Shapiro slide show at Team Clambin’s base at Chalet Bellaluga, Clambin.
Marko photo for Berghaus featuring Nick Hammond on left and Simon Hutchful on right
A bunch of Marko’s portraits he found hidden away!
“C’est maintenant ma 50e année dans le Verbier Valee du Bagnes. De tous les emplois que j’avais avant que la photographie ne devienne ma passion et ma profession, DJ au Farm Club pendant l’hiver 1974/75 était probablement le plus intéressant. Après mon passage là-bas, le Farm Club a embauché des […]
Marko’s photos of Ski Service’s 50th anniversary party at King’s Bar.
The gathering of individual farmer’s cows (race du Herens) called an Alpage to gather a herd for the summer alpine pastures. The cows are joined together where they naturally battle off to select a queen who will lead the herd to individual pastures during the summer

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