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5PRÉAMBULEPour concrétiser le projet de Curala, initié en 2016 par le lancement d’un concours d’appel àprojets (réunissant architectes et investisseurs), la commune de Val de Bagnes a lancé uneprocédure regroupant :• Une révision partielle de son plan d’affectation des zones (PAZ) et de son règlementcommunal des constructions et des zones […]
Although this Anecdote was published in 2022 it concerns the building of this chalet in 1937. This article was first published in ‘les Echos de Dranse’
Lengthy document setting out André Guinnard’s thoughts on the evolution and development of tourism in Verbier and Bagnes
A speech delivered by André Guinnard to a conference on the future of tourism and his vision for its development in the Alps and in Verbier
We, SKIBROA Association together with Linea Sandstroem and Vincent Girardin, are pleased to announce our joint exhibition which will take place from July 23rd to August 8th in the Lounge of the Hotel Farinet in Verbier. We would be delighted if you could join us for the opening/vernissage of this […]
Admission tickets from Lindsay Reuss’ 2010s scrapbook
Document celebrating 80 years of the ESS of Verbier from its foundation in 1933 by Marcel Michellod, its first director, and others to 2013. Wonderful photos from the early days with text setting out the school’s development under each director.

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