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The quest for the perfect turn! Advances in ski technology have made making turns on piste more exciting than ever. Rip’n’Grip looks at skiing’s evolution and the importance of good technique. It features Tom Waddington and Jon Ahlsén making arc’s in Verbier 4Vallées and also the godfather of modern ski photography Marko Shapiro. Special thanks […]
Document celebrating 80 years of the ESS of Verbier from its foundation in 1933 by Marcel Michellod, its first director, and others to 2013. Wonderful photos from the early days with text setting out the school’s development under each director.
A selection of photos kindly contributed by Freeride World Tour of the 1997 Final at Verbier. © Freeride World Tour/Mark Shapiro or Myriam Lang-Willar

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